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The flyer is out for out 2011 Supreme Sale!  Click on link below to view the flyer.

Where:  Marshall County Fairgrounds, Argos, IN

When:   Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Goats & Lambs 2:00 pm


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A Look in the Kidding Barns

The 2011 Fair Season begins early in the goat world.  Kids for 2011 Fairs are being born now.  Maybe your market wether, dairy wether, or Boer doe is pictured here!

4H’rs are welcome to come look through the barns and take note of ears numbers (have your born by, possession by and fair dates in hand).  Goats will be available to leave the farm beginning February 15th (UTD on vaccinations, dis-budded and banded), except for those being retained for the Supreme Sale held in early April.

The BoerX kids are looking very nice! We have flashy traditional, red, and paints.

Here are some of the dairy kids romping around, sired by Mudd Creek Goats Fred, registered American Togg.

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Red Devil


Red Devil


This is SGF AABG Red Devil; one of several herd sires here at Crazy Chad’s.

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For Sale

Boer/Spanish cross doelings born April/May 2010. Approximately 60-70# each. Traditionals, blacks, black heads, other colors available. $130 each. Call 574-633-4613.

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2010 4H’rs

If you purchased a Crazy Chad’s goat to show in your local 2010 4H or State Fair, please send an email (with pictures if possible) to let us know how you placed.   We’d like to add you to our “Achievements” page!  Please, include the name of the 4H’r, county, state and placing.

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Kidding to Begin in November

Welcome to our Blog.  This is just getting put together, so check back often for additions that we’ll be making as I gather my pictures and information I’ve saved over the years.

It’s hard to believe that kidding will be starting soon, which means 4H’rs should start thinking about their goat projects for 2011.  SGF AABG Red Devil sired Boer kids should start hitting the ground in November and Toggenburg kids sired by Mudd Creek Goats Fred should make their appearance in December.  Stay tuned for updates and information.

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